Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge the author for publishing their work?
No! We pay you! We use the traditional system of paying an author royalties based on the sales of their book.
What genres do you publish?
We publish a quite specific range of genre fiction. See our submissions page for more details.
Do you edit my work?
Like any traditional publisher, we may undertake some style or formatting modifications but we will not undertake structural changes as that would affect your intent as an author. However we do expect the writer to ensure their work is free of spelling or grammatical errors before submission. Words are your tools and like any professional we expect you to be competent in your trade.
Where do you place my novel?
Your work will be listed on major wholesaler’s lists and industry datbases. Most of our books are taken up by the big chains including Amazon, WH Smiths, The Book Depositary, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble etcetera. However it does depend on the book and of course the decision regarding specific books is always in the hands of the individual retailer. We will also make it available through our own affiliate websites. Ebooks will be made available across all major ebook retailers including Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple, Sony, Diesel, Kobo and others.
Do you pay advances?
No, we prefer to pay higher royalties on sales. You will discover we pay some of the highest royalties in the industry! We believe this encourages the author to be pro-active in marketing their work.
Do you supply me with any copies of my book?
You may purchase personal copies you require directly from us at a discounted rate.
Can you help with artwork for the cover?
A good cover is vital to sales. A cover has to snag a reader’s attention instantly and we design our covers with this intent. You are welcome to design your own cover if you wish otherwise our art department will usually design one. We will not design bespoke covers to author’s specifications although we always take account of author’s ideas.
Do You Publish eBooks?
Yes! EBooks are gaining ground month on month. We will list for Amazon Kindle and provide editions suitable for all major eBook readers, Distribution is usually to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks and Sony eBooks Store.
Do You Help With Marketing?
Of course! We will promote your book across a number of websites and ensure that it is available to all bookshops. Of course nobody can dictate to bookshops which titles they stock there are ways of improving the chances. As one of our authors, we will also guide in in the most effective ways to promote your own work.